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Mental Training a Priority

Focus More on the Mental Game I have worked with a large number of performers over the years, from young athletes with big dreams, to elite athletes representing their country, to performing artists, and professionals in a variety of fields, in particular medicine.  What I have found is that once these performers have established the ...

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  When we learn and improve we usually need somebody with more expertise than we have. What works for us, and what stands in our way? What rules and assumptions do we bring? If you’re a medical trainee, think about the rules and expectations that are imposed by the medical profession and what the professional ...

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Studying for Exams? Here’s a Suggestion to  Improve Memory Retention

  In a recent study by van Dongen et al. (2016) it is suggested that some vigorous exercise could be a way to improve memory retention after study. This fits in very nicely with the fact that study or memorizing of material is best done in the morning when the pre-frontal cortex of the brain ...

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