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25 Apr 2017 / by admin

  Pressure Your reaction to the Situation Can Create Pressure You are in the corridor waiting for the bell, so that you can then go and read the clinical scenario on the door. You’ll have two minutes then another bell will ring to let you know that you can enter the room for your first ...

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09 Apr 2017 / by admin

  Thought Stopping Doctors!!  Get rid of those Distractions in Oral Examinations and Presentations   During oral examinations, presentations, or practice vivas, have you ever caught yourself thinking about things that you are not supposed to be focusing on? For instance, whether you are going to fail, whether you’re speaking intelligently, are other trainees listening if ...

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I have been given permission by Cambridge University Press to allow access for specific educational purposes to medical practitioners.  It would be appreciated if you would not share this document.   Chapter 17 Attention, Centering and Being Mindful: Medical Specialties to the Performing Arts Patsy Tremayne, Ashlee Morgan Download Chapter Chapter 17   Dr. Patsy ...

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