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Dr. Patsy Tremayne

Dr. Patsy Tremayne is a Performance Psychologist, having worked with many of Australia’s top performers in a variety of fields.

Patsy was the Psychology Coordinator for the NSW Institute of Sport for many years. She was also an AFL Players Association psychology consultant, a psychologist for the Australian team at the World University Games, and the psychologist for the National Women’s Water Polo Team for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Working in her own psychology private practice, Patsy specializes in performance enhancement for medical hospital registrars and consultants. She regularly gives workshops and conference presentations in Sydney and interstate for exam candidates and consultants in a variety of medical specialties. She also regularly presents at national and international conferences on her work with people who must practise under pressure to perform on demand.

Kell, her son, is joining the practice part-time, although he is a busy senior lecturer in psychology at University of Technology, Sydney. He lectures in positive psychology, which includes topics such as resilience, sleep hygiene, and factors that increase wellbeing and performance. He has also presented widely in the corporate sector.. This alliance has made for a very strong and dynamic psychology practice, with Patsy having decades of experience working in the medical industry, and Kell having an up-to-date rigorous research and corporate background.

Patsy was formerly an Associate Professor in psychology at Western Sydney University and was director of the only accredited postgraduate sports psychology program in NSW from 1998 to 2005. Her private practice has always directly influenced her lecturing, her research, and her presentations, and vice versa. In fact, because she wanted to do research on ballroom dancers, she commenced ballroom dancing in 2001 and is now a master’s level dancer in State and National Pro-Am ballroom dancing. An added advantage to being a competitive dancer is that she can give clients her practical and up-to-date knowledge of how the brain works optimally when performing under pressure.

As one of Australia’s senior sports psychologists and as the first female sports psychologist in the country, she has made contributions to scientific, regulatory, and professional bodies. She is a foundation member and former Executive Committee Member of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists (CoSEP) and was Chairperson of the NSW CoSEP for several years. In 2007 she received an Award of Distinction from the Australian Psychological Society (APS) for services to sport and exercise psychology, and in 2021 was made a Fellow of the APS for her more recent contributions.