We are performance psychologists who are uniquely situated to bring out the best in each individual. We do this through a combination of both professional speaking , group workshops and one on one consultations. Mental skills consist of knowledge, skills and abilities. There needs to be development and mastery, an action plan for execution, and being able to consistently and reliably deliver when performing on demand. Pressure to perform occurs in sport, performing arts, business, medicine, and high risk occupations such as the military, fire fighters and police.Focus is the simple key to excellence in performance. In other words, identify the elements essential for success, maintain attention on the essential elements, and ignore the distractions. We believe this is critical, and our focus is assisting you to perform at your best by learning to pay attention, knowing when and where to attend, when to shift attention, and how to sustain attention. In other words, breaking though self-imposed limitations which distract and are irrelevant to the task at hand.

How We Can Help You

Speaking At Your Event

It is widely agreed that mental skills play an important role in optimizing sports performance. Indeed, one thing that distinguishes the elite athlete is not only the recognition of the importance of these skills but also the ability to maximize their beneficial effects on performance. In my talks I promote and incorporate brain-training techniques to enhance performance in a variety of industries and professions.

Performance Consulting

Excellence in any performance is a human endeavour in which a long learning period of skill acquisition leads its practitioner to the point in which putting such skills into practice is expected with the highest possible level of expertise. In the performing arts, the corporate world, the military, medicine and other professions, as in sport, one of the key outcomes is to be able to apply all that has been learned at a specific time and place, and to do so as competently as possible. There are many similarities between sporting and other performance domains.